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Buy Specialty Chemicals and Minor Metals from Japan

Japan-based Daishin Corporation is a licensed chemical supplier providing Japanese chemical and minor metal solutions to clients around the world. For more information about the main chemical products we handle, please refer to our Chemical List page below or send us an inquiry about any chemicals you are interested in purchasing.


Chemical Name Chemical Formula / MW (FW) CAS HS Code What is Your Application? Contact
3-Glycidoxypropyltrimthoxysilane C9H20O5Si / 236.34 2530-83-8 2931.00 Ask for Details
Gallic Acid C6H2(OH)3COOH.H2O / 188.00 149-91-7 2918.29 Ask for Details
Gallium Oxide Ga2O3 / 187.44 12024-21-4 2825.90 Ask for Details
Gallium Trichloride GaCl3 / 176.08 13450-90-3 2827.39 Ask for Details
Germania GeO2 / 104.64 1310-53-8 2825.60 Ask for Details
Germanium Ge / 72.63 7440-56-4 8112.30 Ask for Details
Germanium Dioxide GeO2 / 104.64 1310-53-8 2825.60 Ask for Details
Glow In The Dark Pigment Ask for Details
Glutaric Acid HO2C(CH2)3CO2H / 132.11 110-94-1 2917.19 Ask for Details
Glycerin Mono Allyl Ether C6H12O3 / 132.16 123-34-2 2909.49 Ask for Details
Glycidyl Methacrylate C7H10O3 / 142.16 106-91-2 2916.14 Ask for Details
Glycine H2NCH2COOH / 75.07 56-40-6 2922.49 Ask for Details
Glycol Carbonate C3H4O3 / 88.06 96-49-1 2920.90 Ask for Details

This chemical list shows a selection of high-quality chemicals and minor metals distributed by Daishin Corporation. In some cases, we are not able to provide a quote for items due to availability (supply-demand balance), the chemical manufacturer’s export policy to a specific country, or other reasons. Thank you in advance for your understanding.