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Opening Ceremony Speech 2019

To Those Whom We Will Start Working with Today.

The History and Future of Our Company

Find What Engrosses You

Congratulations to those who are joining our company. I hope you will find something that captures your imagination and you can be passionate about for the rest of your life whilst working here. Your life satisfaction will depend on whether you are passionate or reluctant about what you are doing. From the very beginning, please learn through your work and enjoy pushing yourself toward your own goals. The best way forward is to be naturally absorbed in what you are doing.

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About Our Roots and Vision

I would like to tell you about our roots and vision so you have a clearer picture of our company.

Why are we challenging social issues by connecting Japan and the world when we should be a business corporation that pursues maximum profits for its shareholders? Why am I president of a sales company when I am shy and a poor public speaker? Due to my shy personality, I have not been good at telling people around me what I am thinking and this has caused trouble for many people. Today is a good opportunity to talk, so I would like to tell you my story. It is about where we are coming from and where we are going. It’s pretty embarrassing, so this is the first time I have talked about it in public. It is also a little long, but please listen.

When I was an elementary school student, I was a member of the boy scouts. I think my parents hoped it would make me stronger, as I was shy and just read books all day. I used to go camping and participate in volunteer work on Sundays. For example, I remember standing in front of the station with a donation box and asking passers-by for money to help clean-up a nearby pond. Although the moment people put money in the box was pleasant, it was painful standing there for a long time. I remember thinking “It would be less boring if I worked a part time job and donated that money instead. Maybe I can even earn more.” It was this idea that lead to this current organization; one that aims to challenge social issues by using money earned in business. However, at that time, I just held a donation box all day long and thought of the idea just as a way to escape from the reality of people flowing past me in front of the station.

In my school days I was conscious of the expectation of my parents that I would be healthy and active, so I devoted myself to sports such as baseball and water polo. On the other hand, I dedicated my spare time to reading, as I loved books as much as ever. I encountered a biographical novel about Magozaburo Ohara, who worked for the Kuraray chemical company, called “I Can See Ten Years Ahead ~ The Life of Magozaburo Ohara”. It was written by Saburo Shiroyama, my favorite author at that time. The book said “By wearing a clog on one foot and a shoe on the other, a man can walk on two paths at the same time. The path of a manager expanding a local spinning company into one of the largest companies in the country and the path of belief that all the possessions he has obtained are to be returned to society.” It means a business corporation should be like an NPO, and an NPO like a business corporation. In the book, I found what I wanted to aim for and I read it over and over again. Since that day, I have developed a huge respect for Magozaburo Ohara and have visited the Ohara Museum of Art in Kurashiki City many times.

After that, I studied abroad in Australia, which was a long held dream of mine, using the money I had saved from my part-time job when I was a university student. It was only one year, but I came across cultures and values very different from those in Japan and I was able to gain an objective view of both Japan and the Japanese. That had a great impact on my life. After returning to Japan, I worked in a small trading company in international trade. I chose a small company because I thought that I could work as a salesperson and connect Japan with the rest of the world without the threat of being transferred to another department.

The company I joined was a trading company that specialized in the chemical export business, just as this company does now. It was a company that confronted the major trading companies and ran business with its own know how, taking pride in being a pioneer in the Japanese chemical export business of the early 1950s. It was a group of wild warriors and every trader was a true old-fashioned style professional. All of the traders were individualistic and each gave me a great deal of love and imparted their know-how on how to start a business from scratch to me, despite my naiveté. Looking at how the traders and managers were serious in their business everyday also changed my mindset. I am a shy person by nature, but, for me, the office became a stage and when I was there I switched to someone very different from myself. My personality changed so much that, once, when I told a new employee that I was actually kind of shy, they immediately said “No way!” I was still working at that company when it later closed, and I understood the difficulty of operating an organization without a concern for the public as part of its philosophy.

When my former company closed in 2004, I started a new company. Since then I have managed that company whilst being careful not to deviate from the user’s point of view, with the goal of connecting Japan and the world. We have been very lucky in that we have received continuous support from so many people, including our business partners in Japan and overseas. Last year we achieved record profits.

At present, our business performance has been steadily growing, but I believe the time will come when the traditional business models no longer work. The chemical industry, and other niche B2B businesses such as our own, have not changed their models for many years. I think this is due to the high barriers to entry created by high levels of expertise. However, technology has been advancing rapidly in recent years and it is certain that the next wave of innovation will eventually come to niche B2B businesses and their models will change. Needless to say, as long as human society continues, the role of people in trading will remain important. Until last year, we provided services to users and manufacturers by utilizing our craftsmanship skills, but from this year on we intend to create a model that provides services which are much more convenient than before by having machines help with the jobs they can do. This will systemize both our craftsmanship know-how and our mindset and help people focus on the interesting jobs that only humans can do. If we build a system that is highly convenient for both users and manufacturers and that runs at a much lower cost than that of today, we will be able to benefit our users 1,000 times more than we do currently and create new trends within the industry. Specifically, our company aims to accelerate the development of the chemical industry and achieve rapid growth by creating and popularizing a system that enables direct technical communication between users and manufacturers across the world and enables us to perform the functions of a trading company.

We have recorded a profit for 15 consecutive fiscal years up to now, but we have never distributed profits to our shareholders through dividends. This project is still in its infancy, so in order to increase the scale of the project a thousand fold, and make people happy in the long term, we need a lot of funds as well as many professional people who share our goals. Therefore, we have not paid any dividends to the shareholders who provided us with valuable funds at the time of our establishment and have retained all profits. As a result, our capital adequacy ratio is now at over 90%, ensuring we have achieved debt-free management. Financial preparations are gradually being made. We have tried to move forward without clarifying our goals until today, but found that we cannot achieve our targets unless we successfully align all our member’s vectors, as many problems can occur from having diverse dreams. I feel that my own skills are immature and I realize I can’t do everything by myself. If all our members do not have a shared goal, this project cannot move forward.

I wish to clarify who we are. We aim to be a business corporation who acts like an NPO, and an NPO who acts like a business corporation and challenges social issues by using the money earned in business. We aim to deepen the mutual understanding between Japan and the world and create a better world for everyone. We aim to pay for this mission whilst assuring all our members live comfortable and affluent lives and creating a positive atmosphere in the process of earning.

Why Are We Hiring New Graduates?

Our company is now hiring new graduates. When it comes to hiring, it may be more common to hire experienced mid-career talents, thinking about our specialty and the balancing of our team as a medium sized business. This is unlike larger companies, who tend to focus on creating a balanced age structure within their organizations. So, why do we hire new graduates who are risky and time consuming? Whilst we headhunt excellent people who are experienced, work-ready and agree with our direction, we also want to recruit new graduates so as to fulfil our mission of fostering a deeper mutual understanding between Japan and the world. We hope that our unique mission and vision are therefore passed on to the next generation.

What Are You Working for?

Today we have a talented team of people with great skills and mindsets. Let’s find something that you can be engrossed in within this unique organization and work together as comrades to make a better world. Please always keep in mind: “What am I working for?”

I would like to express my heartfelt congratulations to all of you on joining us here. Thank you.

Opening Ceremony Speech 2017

The key phrases are “70,000 hours”, “Role-playing”, "Contribution to Society", and “Rationality”.

Good morning, everybody. I am Masa Oguchi, the President of Daishin Corporation. Today I am very happy to welcome our new colleagues.
You have made the decision to work with us at Daishin Corporation and, from today, your life starts anew. Today is a memorable day on which you begin living a different life, and I am very glad to be here on such an important day. As we celebrate your very first day at Daishin Corporation, I am going to tell you four key phrases that will play an active role in your life at our company from now on.
These phrases are “70,000 hours”, “Role-playing”, “Contribution to Society”, and “Rationality”. You may not understand what I mean by these without context, so I will explain them to you now.

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Live Your Own Life

First of all, “70,000 hours”. That is the average working life of a Japanese businessperson. If we assume that an average person lives for 80 years, one lifetime is 700,000 hours. Therefore, approximately 10% of your life will be devoted to work.
So I really hope that you fully enjoy your 70,000 hours. What do you think the secret is to enjoy your 70,000 hours, by the way? I think the first secret is that you devote your 70,000 hours to living “your” life, or, in other words, devoting them to yourself or your team. It’s not fun if you live your life for “others”, but it’s fun if you live your life for yourselves or for the team; even if it leaves you busy, it will also leave you satisfied. We manage our company based on our ‘mission’, our policies (such as the “three happinesses” – happiness for our clients, our team and our society) and also our general rules such as “rationality” and “freedom and responsibility”. In terms of our business policy, this means determination to work for yourselves and for your team.
In the future, AI may supersede human beings, and it may take over our positions in the workplace, so it may not be necessary for human beings to work for a living. Even if this time comes, our company continuously wants to be a place for those who want to live a meaningful life, and to be a place for people to accomplish something or to help someone, and not just be a comfortable place to sleep. So, Daishin Corporation will help you enjoy an enriching 70,000 hours. I hope you will work for the team and also enjoy yourself.

The Meaning of Working at Our Company

The second secret to enjoying your 70,000 hours is the 2nd key phrases; “Role-playing”. Do you play video games? How about RPGs? For my generation, “Dragon Quest” and “Final Fantasy” are the most famous RPGs. In our company, we think of work as a kind of RPG. Everyone starts at Level 1 but, after building experience, or learning, little by little their level increases. The higher their level gets, the more things they can do. You can clear various challenges and achieve your goals. The process of growth and achievement is the source of enjoyment in role-playing games. In business, the process of growth and achievement is the same. However, it differs from a virtual game like Dragon Quest. It is a reality that your growth as a human is linked with the growth of your business level. So if you really enjoy that, this could be the best game you ever play.
I want you to treat working at Daishin Corporation as you would playing a role-playing game. To do that, you need to seriously immerse yourselves in it. If you do so, you will grow quicker, obtain useful things and gain a greater sense of fulfillment and satisfaction. So, please push yourselves to the limit, and enjoy yourselves whilst doing so. When you push yourself in this manner, you will be supported by many people and your 70,000 hours will be more enjoyable.

Introduction of Our Mission

In the world of Dragon Quest, the final aim is to beat the final boss, the Dragonlord. However, our final aim is to become useful members of society. That’s the 3rd key phrase, “contribute to society”. It may sound like a big thing, but companies that contribute to society in some way or another have existed throughout time. We want to remain useful so we can survive for as long as possible; to do this, we at Daishin Corporation try to resolve the multitude of unreasonable situations that exist in the world.
Around the world, there are developed countries
with enough food to feed everyone. However, the reality is that tens of thousands are starving to death every day. On top of this, there are still many conflicts around the world; everywhere, people are killing each other and using energy to protect themselves from hostile countries. This is not to mention the uncountable other issues facing the world which upset me and make me wonder “What is going on?” There are many unreasonable situations in the world.
As someone living in this current age, I feel very disappointed in this situation, and also believe that our duty is to resolve it. Personally, I have been thinking that I want to help to improve the situation even if only a little. But what I can do on my own is very limited. Therefore, when I left my previous company, I founded an organization that will help resolve these unreasonable situations. This is Daishin Corporation. At Daishin Corporation we strive to fill the gaps in unreasonable situations around the world through three challenges.
Firstly, we help create a more affluent society by filling the gaps between supply and demand in the world through trading business. Secondly, we foster human resources to help build a bridge between Japan and the world to create mutual understanding of each other inside and outside the company. And thirdly, we continuously strive to fully satisfy the “happiness of our clients” and “happiness of our team” both of which are essential. We also strive to reduce the number of unreasonable situations and conflicts in the world by donating to our NPO partners, who have the same aim.
So in summary, we “enjoy personal growth and aim to substantialize the three happinesses; happiness of our clients, our team and our society, and live happy and fulfilling lives”. Our company mission statement is summarized in a structured manner. I hope you enjoy your time together with us as well as embodying our mission statement.

Rule of Rationality

The last key phrase is “rationality”. As I told you at the beginning, rationality is also our company’s basic rule. We can say that it is scientific and logical too. We continue to strive to resolve absurd and unreasonable situations as soon as we find them, even in the company. So if you find customs or systems which you feel are unreasonable in the company, please immediately share your ideas with colleagues so as to be able to enjoy the game more. I am sure that lots of issues can be found if you try to look with young and fresh eyes. The way things were done 20 years ago, for example, are now out of date. In this way what was common sense 20 years ago may not be common sense now.
By your sense of youth, please identify unreasonable situations which your seniors cannot see in the company as much as you can. I promise that we will soon start addressing the issues you raise with the entire company and update any old fashioned or unreasonable customs or systems. Because that’s the way to have a greater possibility to achieve the 3 happinesses on a higher level. In addition, it’s honestly fun when you achieve some improvements. Please make your 70,000 hours even more fulfilling by improving issues in the company.

Expectations for all of you

I have been introducing Daishin Corporation with 4 key phrases. I hope you live happily and grow by enjoying the game. Firstly, please learn and get lots of basic skills so as to make our clients happy. It has been said that you need 10,000 hours to get professional skills. If it is calculated that the Japanese yearly average working time is 1729 hours, then this corresponds to a period of approximately 6 years. According to the proverb “Strike while the iron is hot”, it is effective if we focus on absorbing skills while we are young, but also do not forget to enjoy your hobbies and the things you love. In my experience, if you work hard, you can obtain the basic skills to be a professional by around 30 years old. In your career, never forget that you want to make clients happier and happier as a professional, and continuously polish your skills.
We are ready to offer you many opportunities so that you can polish yourselves continuously. Typically employees in big companies are given only routine business tasks as assistants in a big project in their 20’s. Of course, you are expected to work properly for the team in our company, too. While you do these routine tasks, you can adjust yourselves into the business field in which there is not only one answer. At the same time, you will be expected to quickly participate in the business of identifying a problem, discovering a solution and implementing that solution as if you are in the head role. The world is big enough and waiting for you to do your best.
In the future, I hope you are going to serve our company as a leader. Your senior colleagues are also trying very hard to grow according to their personalities. Let’s work together and grow as if rationally playing a role-playing game for 70,000 hours, and contributing to society as we do so. Last of all, I offer you my sincere congratulations for joining our company. Thank you very much for your kind attention.

Explore Opportunities

Available positions
Sales positions (mainly for overseas customers)
Applicant requirements
  • Agreement with our corporate philosophy.
  • Earnestness and diligence.
  • Experienced leaders with proven results.
  • A positive mindset.
  • An enjoyment in learning new skills.
  • An independent spirit and self confidence.
  • Obtainment of a TOEIC score of 780 or higher, a TOEFL iBT score of 80 or higher, or an IELTS score of 6.5 or higher.
  • An Applied Chemistry degree (preferred).
  • An understanding of Japanese workplace culture, such as teamwork. Applicants of all nationalities are encouraged to apply.
Job description
Write proposals for solutions to inquiries from overseas and domestic customers.
New customer development
Other tasks related to the trading business
Recruitment background
  • We are a trading company that sells chemicals and minor metals; primarily to overseas companies.
  • After a period of extensive groundwork following our establishment, we are entering a key growth phase and, as such, have decided to hire key employees who can both handle our trading and grow with us.
Selection process
Applicant Screening → Written Examination and Interviews → Training (Typically three months) → Formal Hiring on a Permanent Basis.
*Initial interviews will be conducted in Tokyo or Osaka.
Internship program
We also provide an internship program.
Applicants will gain first hand experience of our company's actual business atmosphere.
We aim at steady growth based on our corporate philosophies of "continuous improvement of customer service quality", "scientific and logical thought" and "care for others", all whilst bearing in mind our commitment to "maintain our contribution to society".
We are searching for serious applicants who agree with our corporate philosophy.
Documents required for application
A detailed CV
An academic transcript of your Bachelor's and/or Master's Degree.
A copy of your TOEIC, TOEFL or IELTS score transcript, dated within the last two years.
An essay describing your reasons for applying for the position and your strengths (free format)
Decided according to the company’s standards (starting monthly salary: master’s degree graduate: 265,000 yen, bachelor’s degree graduate: 245,000 yen)
Commuting expenses (full amount), overtime allowance, family allowance, qualification allowance (person responsible for handling poisons and deleterious substances), cost for purchasing business-related books (to be stored in company’s library after being read), etc.
Seasonal bonus
Once a year (March)
Osaka, Japan
Work hours
9:00–18:00 (17:00–18:00 flextime)
Saturdays and Sundays, public holidays, year-end and New Year holidays (December 30 – January 4), summer vacation, special leave for weddings and funerals, spouse’s birthday, legal paid holidays, etc. (for example, the number of holidays was 124 days in 2016).
Health insurance, welfare pension insurance, employment insurance, industrial injury insurance, paid maternity leave system (six weeks before delivery and eight weeks after delivery), childcare leave system, company housing system, etc.
Personnel training
  • *The staff is the greatest asset of a trading company. Since we are a small company, every person is valued, and we put great effort into personnel development.
  • *With one-to-one instruction, we will teach you all the necessary skills of the trading business; you will gain experience with on-the-job training to become a professional in trading sales.
  • *To increase development opportunities, all employees actively participate in seminars and lectures such as those offered by consulting companies and the Chamber of Commerce. Furthermore, we aim to create opportunities for employees to become involved in various advanced ideas.
  • Our company is young and evolving. Thus, if you are serious and have a positive mindset, you are welcome to work and grow with us.
  • Since you will be in charge of corresponding and negotiating with overseas customers and suppliers in Japan by yourself, individual discretion is very important, and you will be able to experience considerable fulfillment when a new job is completed and you are able to please your customer.
  • Through daily exposure to the various business practices, customs, values, cultures, and national characteristics of different countries, you will attain a global perspective which will be a lifelong asset to you.
  • We hope that you will grow as a leader in the future with executive ability and personal charisma.
  • Let us create the best company possible and contribute to making the world a better place.
Basic recruitment policy
  1. Respect of an applicant's fundamental human rights (ie. no discrimination based on gender, religion, nationality, etc.)
  2. Assessment of an applicant based only on their aptitude and capabilities.


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Daishin Corporation
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