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International Chemical Business Terms

Below is a list of export and import related terms to help you navigate the international chemical business. All terms are listed alphabetically.


H.S. Code (Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System, Tariff Code, Import/Export Harmonized System Code, Customs Duty Number, international standardized system for the classification of traded products, a standardized system for the names and categories of traded products, commodity codes)

Giving a unique identification number to every existing product, it is a code number system commonly established for all of the countries of the world in order to make possible to identify the goods when international trading. Used to establish the customs tariffs and in foreign trade statistics in over 200 countries and regions. The numbers shared around the world consist of 6 digits, however, an even more segmented subdivision method from the 7th digit onwards, based on the domestic legislation of each country, is also used (Japan uses 9-digit numbers). The code is revised regularly about every 5 years according to the changes in actual trends.

High Cube Container (HC)

In contrast to the common cargo container, which usually has a height of 8.6 feet (about 2.6m), the high cube container is one foot (about 30cm) higher, having a height of 9.6 feet (about 2.9m).
Also called tall container or kunroku container.

House B/L

The bill of lading issued by the forwarder (NVOCC).